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Ko Sichang has many beaches, all with cleaner, clear water than any mainland beach in the northern Gulf.

By far the biggest, best and most popular is Haad Tham Phang (Collapsed Cave Beach). There you'll find all the conveniences a tourist could want, minus jet skis. Other beaches are smaller, more secluded and often pristine. None of these places has lifeguards, but the drop-off is very gradual at all the beaches, and the surf is seldom any threat. In the names below, we've left out the word "haad" or "beach", which is necessary when asking directions.

Tham Phang
Thaa Wang
Tham Saai
Saai Kaew
Bat Island (Ko Khaangkhaao)

Bat Island

Just south of Ko Sichang is the island of Koh Khaangkhaao, oe Bat Island. It has by far the nicest beach, and the best snorkeling in the archipelago--the best coral is about 100 m offshore on the main, northern beach, and around the smaller island Ko Thaai Taa Muen just to the southwest of Bat Island.

It's a great destination for a day or half-day fishing / swimming / snorkeling trip--if you enjoy these, a trip to Bat Island is a must. On the main, northern beach you can usually buy cold drinks and at least a few basic Thai dishes. We always buy something, and rent deck chairs to fund the considerable work of keeping the beach clean. If you want to camp or use the toilets/showers, be prepared to pay a modest fee. Boat hire is around B1200 drop off and pick up for an outboard that will hold up to 5 adults, available at the ferry pier. Expect to pay B2000 or so if you want the boat on standby throughout your trip to take you to Ko Thaai Taa Muen or exploring the south of the island. All-day hire of a larger boat from Tiew Pai Park Resort, with bathroom and space for a dozen people should run about B3000. Be sure to have a very clear agreement on times, route and cost before you set out. Click here for another look at the island. Pan & David can put you in touch with the boat operators.

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