Pan in garden
Pan proves it: you CAN grow a garden on Ko Sichang


Mii, our niece
Niece, waitress and apprentice
cook Mii is a big help

Cook Nim
These days cook Nim makes better tomato sauce than David

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167 Asdang Road, next to Marine Police tel 038 216 629 or 01 295 1748
Open: 10:00 to 22:00 weekdays, 08:30 to 22:30 Saturday. Closed Tuesday.

People of Pan & David
Somebody told David he should have pictures of the people working at the restaurant on the web. So here they are, and if you think it's shameless self-promotion, why no! It's just David's uncontrollable urge to accomodate anybody who has a suggestion... drop by and see if you can't make that work in your favor.

Seriously, though, we do hope you can stop at our place for a meal. We can promise you a friendly reception, and every effort to make your meal a pleasure.