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There's more to do outdoors on this island than we can fit into the site–but try clicking on some of the choices below to get an idea of the variety available...

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Day Trip to Ko Khaangkhaao (Bat Island)

If you enjoy swimming, snorkeling, a beautiful beach, fishing, or just a secluded, natural tropical setting, plan a day trip to Bat Island (Ko Khaangkhaao: click here for another look). Snorkeling 100 m off the main beach, expect to see dozens of kinds of coral, and many thousand colorful little fish. Out of the water you can enjoy digging for tiny surf clams, scrambling along the rocky coast or, if you're not feeling energetic, just sitting on the beach with a cold drink and not too many other people around. If the sea is calm, it's great fun to take your boat or kayak a bit further to Ko Thaai Taa Muen and the little beach on the southwest side of Bat Island, where there's great snorkeling in somewhat deeper (3 - 7 meters) water. Here you can see some very big sea anemones, and the occasional large fish. Click here for more photos.

To get there you can hire a boat, kayak, or even (but we don't recommend this) swim. Boat hire runs from B600 each way for a small speedboat up to about B3000 for all-day charter of Tiew Pai Park Resort's boat, that will hold close to 20 people, with bathroom and all sorts of gear. Fishing rods and snorkeling equipment are available for rent on the island. There's also basic (good but very spicy) Thai food most of the time. However you go, plan to spend a little on snakcs and/ or renting deck chairs to support the people who spend a lot of time keeping the beach clean.