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There's so much to see on Ko Sichang that we're still discovering new attractions after twenty years of visits and five years of living here.

There's hardly a corner of the island where you won't find something worth looking at. Below we list the most popular targets, plus a couple that are often overlooked, but shouldn't be. Samlors will take you to most of these on the standard tour of the island. Make sure to allow plenty of time--just tell the driver how long you want to wait, and it's her/his call whether to wait, or go off and come back.


Rama V Palace
Chinese Temple
Wat Tham Yai Prik meditation center
Yellow Buddha
Old Town
Buddha's Footprint
Dracula's Castle


Even if you don't have much interest in religion, this unorthodox (nuns wear brown, and everybody works) Buddhist community offers a pleasant walk through shady gardens, sweeping views of both sides of the island, chapel caves, meditation cells in the rock, and a chance to talk to some of the monks and nuns. Do be careful to take your shoes off in any covered area, and not to disturb those meditating.

If you take the complete tour with one of the monks or nuns, you will get not just a short and clear explanation of Buddhism and the abbot's innovative approach to the monastic life, but a chance to look at the remains of one nun's mother, on display as a reminder of the impermanence of all worldly things. Those with a serious interest in Buddhism can arrange a multi-day meditation course, with accomodation on the grounds. A donation may be suggested to visitors, but the decision is entirely yours.