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Ko Sichang has many beaches, all with cleaner, clear water than any mainland beach in the northern Gulf.

By far the biggest, best and most popular is Haad Tham Phang (Collapsed Cave Beach). There you'll find all the conveniences a tourist could want, minus jet skis. Other beaches are smaller, more secluded and often pristine. None of these places has lifeguards, but the drop-off is very gradual at all the beaches, and the surf is seldom any threat. In the names below, we've left out the word "haad" or "beach", which is necessary when asking directions.

Tham Phang
Thaa Wang
Tham Saai
Saai Kaew
Bat Island (Ko Khaangkhaao)

Tham Phang Beach

Tham Phang (Collapsed Cave) Beach is far the most popular on the island.
As the picture shows, it boasts canvas deck chairs and umbrellas, inner tubes, snorkels and masks, and kayaks for rent. A few meters inland you'll find a modest restaurant, bungalows, and facilities for a shower and change after your swim.

Samlor fare from the market area is about B80 each way, an expensive legacy from the days when the road was a very rough dirt track. It's worth extending the ride out to the end of the point where the cave is, and coming or going, ask to take the road over the hill by Wat Tham Yaai Prik, which offers some spectacular views.