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Stay overnight! A day trip is too short a time to see the island…� and it's nicest in the evening

There are plenty of good places to stay on Ko Sichang—more than we can keep track of. Below are some of our guests' favorites, and places we have or would put up visiting friends and family. We haven't looked at all of them recently, so you might want to check out the Tripadvisor.com reviews—bearing in mind that a lot of their reviewers are seriously fussy. Their classifications (Hotel, B&B etc.) give no real idea what you should expect. Rates are per night, two people in room, as of 2 April 2013. In the table we use these abbrevations for Amenities:

  • Ac = airconditioning
  • H = hot water shower
  • F = refrigerator in room
  • TV = television in room
  • 2 = rooms with two beds available (sometimes two double beds)
  • L = larger rooms or bungalows for groups of four or more also available
  • W = WiFi available, generally free of charge.
  • R = restaurant on premises
  • P = swimming pool on premises

Red entries mean not all rooms have that feature: Ac means some rooms, but not all, are airconditioned. The information given is largely what owners have told us, so you should confirm anything important. •We're sorry, but we can't handle reservations. If you need help communicating, try the Thai staff where you're staying, or Google translate. It's a very good idea to book well in advance, and confirm at least twice: about four days before check-in, and within 36 hours of check-in.

  Name What Amenities Rates Phone
Somewhere Koh Sichang Odds-on favorite to become our best hostelry when it opens 1 May, 2016. Twenty brand-new rooms in a beautiful colonial-style building. Part of the Cape & Kantary group, so it should be run with meticulous attention to everything. Boasts an outdoor swimming pool, and bicycle parking too.[website]

Ac H F P
Tv R W

2000 -
Rim Talay Resort Surrounds Pan & David on three sides, with a very big garden and a variety of room types, including old boats converted to bungalows, a little funky but very atmospheric

Ac H F
Tv L

800 -
089 091 6974
089 407 2075
Nubnab Nunar Resort Affordable, new and sparkling clean, in a quiet location within sight of the sea. [website] Ac H F
Tv W
850 084 868 7581
089 761 8504
Charlie's Bungalows Very convenient to the restaurant, meticulously maintained–�a big hit with visitors who want everything just right. [tripadvisor rating 4.5/5] [website] Ac H F
Tv 2 W
950 -
085 191 3863
Sawasdee Sichang A delighful guesthouse with big rooms and extensive patios and verandahs overlooking the bay. Extremely friendly management.[tripadvisor rating 3.5/5]  [website] Ac H F Tv 2 W 800 - 1200 087 489 7879
Benjaporn Bungalows Close to Pan & David, well looked after and comfortable.[website] Ac H F
Tv L
750 -
038 216 116
Yellow House Ten or so well-equipped rooms and suites in a cliff-top complex with truly spectacular views. Very spacious, lots of sun and breeze, cooking equipment available.[web page]  †�Minimum booking is two bedrooms = B2500 / night. Ac H F
1250 †  
Paree Hut Atmospheric bamboo huts in a marvelously landscaped setting right above the waves, tucked away far from the rest of the island.[tripadvisor rating 2.5/5] [website]   §Rates include all meals. When they have free rooms, much lower, breakfast-only rates are available to walk-in guests on 12 hours notice or less. Ac H P 5000 - 6200 §  
Malee Blue A Moroccan palace in the Gulf of Thailand? Yes! Tons of atmosphere and imagination, very photogenic. [tripadvisor rating 2.0/5] [website] Ac H
1200 -
JoDee's House Just two very spacious & comfortable rooms, sparkling clean, private and quiet, run by a friendly Thai-Belgian couple. [web page] Ac H F
Tv W
1000 038 216 579
091 253 2811
Jé Duean Two tiny cottages right on the sea, home cooking possible. Ac H
Tv W
1000 -
081 442 3459

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