Friends and relatives from UdornRepeat visitors from Udorn Thani

Don and Vibhavadee have an inn in Stonehaven, ScotlandDon and Vibhavadee have an inn in Stonehaven, Scotland

Friends Poy, Murray, Vilai and PanFriends Poy, Capt. Murray and Vilai with Pan

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Outside seating, nice in the evening!Outdoor seating is best in the evenings home page HOME PAGE

167 Asdang Road, next to Marine Police tel 038 216 629 or 01 295 1748
Open: 10:00 to 22:00 weekdays, 08:30 to 22:30 Saturday. Closed Tuesday.

Embarassingly, we haven't taken any presentable photos of the food or the restaurant yet. For the moment, we hope these will give at least a partly favorable impression.

Friends and relatives from UdornGrand doyen of Thai restaurant critics, M.R. Thanatsri Svastivat, with Pan and David.
(M.R. Thanatsri liked the food well enough to come two nights running.)