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There's more to do outdoors on this island than we can fit into the site–but try clicking on some of the choices below to get an idea of the variety available...

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Landing a big fish

Fishing is still the economic mainstay of Ko Sichang,and there are plenty of fish and squid to be found in the waters around the island. The key to a successful fishing expedition is knowing where to go, and what bait and tackle to use. Squid are so common, and so voracious, that it takes some doing not to catch one from just about anywhere on the shore, including the new pier in front of the Sichang Palace Hotel. For shore fishing, many of the samlor drivers will rent you a rod, or take you where someone else will. The big mackerel and grouper that run up to 20 kg need a boat, some luck and a good guide. Here again, advance reservations will make a big difference. There's also some good spearfishing around some of the rocks near the island, and the Thai Public Port pier; again, a boat is needed. You can get contact numbers from Pan & David-- see the "eat" page.